Ultradorism collection
Ultradorism is a furniture collection for Elina’s Master's thesis at Aalto university and it is inspired by a variety of trends. The topic explores the myth of timeless design and the impact our relation to trends has on the lifespan of interiors. Understanding the nature of trends enables a more sustainable take on design, as respecting the styles of our recent past extends the life of interiors. Due to the ever accelerating trend cycles design may be seen as ageless, where styles are outdated and current at the same time.

Ultradorism collection includes Doris sideboards, Kaija chair and tables, Ra and Harlequin pendant lights, Madonna vases, Näkki vessels and Kleopatra & Nefertiti mirrors. 
It was introduced at Salone Satellite during Milan Design Week 2022 and further exhibited at Habitare design fair during Helsinki Design Week 2023.