Obeliski telescopic clock
Obeliski clock is a dynamic vertical timepiece formed of moving cylinders that tell the time by rising into a tall tower. This telescopic totem of time is composed of nested cylinders that each represent a clock hour. It is programmed to continuously rise at a speed of 55 mm per hour, which is the length of one cylinder. Time starts from zero level at 12 o'clock, when the tubes are all nested inside each other. As time proceeds the smallest cylinder in the middle starts rising. After one hour and 55 mm, at one o'clock, the first cylinder starts lifting along the next cylinder. This movement continues for 12 hours until all the cylinders are exposed. After this the tower collapses back to level zero and starts rising again. Materialwise Obeliski is a study of steel as a medium explored with different treatments, identifying each hour with it's own color and texture.

Video of Obeliski